Are you thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business? If so, Green Force Electric is the right installer for you.

Why Green Force? 

We offer affordable and aesthetic solar photovoltaic systems. We install conventional solar panels as well as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) system like solar awnings, solar roof shingles and thin film solar panels.

Photovoltaics works best in an energy-efficient building so adding insulation and energy efficient lighting, appliances, and windows is a good idea, to reduce your home’s overall electricity use before you install a PV system. Green Force Electric is the right partner to help and assist in improving the energy-efficiency of electrical installation/ lighting. 

To make PV systems even more affordable, Colorado states offer financial incentives through solar rebates and other programs. 

Colorado Governor's Energy Office 

Federal Government tax incentives

Xcel Energy

Some utilities have net metering programs, which further enhance the economics of PV. Net metering means that when your PV system generates more power than you need, the excess goes to the utility grid and the meter runs backward. This allows you to receive full retail value for the power that your PV system generates.

Windspire by Mariah Power

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Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, the Windspire® wind turbine gives you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the Windspire 1.2 kW wind turbine is distinguished by its sleek propeller-free design and ultra quiet operation. Designed for use where you live and work, the Windspire is currently powering homes, small businesses, schools, museums, parks, and much more.

Advanced Technology

The Windspire® wind turbine was designed from the ground up as a complete system, both to maximize electrical and mechanical efficiency, and to minimize the system cost for our customers. The patented technology includes a high-efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole, and wireless performance monitor.  The1.2 kW (1.2 kilowatt or 1200 watts) Windspire will produce approximately 2000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year in 12 mph average winds. The Windspire also includes WindSync wireless monitoring software so you can check your power production in real time.

High Quality 

Rugged yet simple construction means durability and low maintenance for customers. The Windspire® wind turbine is designed to operate for 20 years or more. It is made with durable, corrosion-protected steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction, quality oversized bearings and a very simple mechanical structure, and rated to withstand high winds (up to 105 mph), snow and ice. The Windspire is made in the USA (Michigan), with extensive quality control measures in place to ensure customers receive a quality product.